Job Packages

Your ideal employees are out there and we can help you find them quickly, easily and cost-effectively

For Employers / Recruiters

  • Advertise a Job

    Advertise your jobs to Millions of candidates out there

  • Search for candidates

    Limit your search! With, you get better options in your search for a prefered candidate for your job.

  • Recruit

    With enough applications you can easily shortlist and recruit the candidate of your choice.


  • 10 Free job posting Monthly
  • Jobs displayed for 30 days
  • Application Tracking System
  • Email Alerts


₦10,000.00 Per Month
  • 10 Featured Jobs Monthly
  • Unlimited job posting
  • Job displayed for 60 days
  • Application Tracking System
  • Email Alerts
  • Premium Support 24/7

Easy Recruit

₦45,000.00 Per Candidate
  • We find the right candidate for you
  • Conduct Interviews to ensure you get the best
  • CVs of 3-5 shortlisted Candidates will be sent to you within 5 working days